Massey Ferguson Windrower Reviews

Massey Ferguson Windrower Reviews

Massey Ferguson Windrower Reviews AGCO engines used in the WR9800 series machines are all EPA power amplifier 4 (FT4) systems that are compatible with the third generation (SCR) selective catalytic reduction and the cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR) system and the system uses diesel exhaust fluid (Def). A consumption rate of about 2: 1 (Fuel / def). A nice change is the laying of a 15-gallon DEF tank (and the Tool Box), especially for a better harvest permit in Kanola. Built-in fuel is 130 gallons, allowing a full mowing time without refueling. The motors used in this sera do not require a diesel particulate filter (DPF), in view of the cost, complexity and potential of road changes.

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The rated power is 225 hp at 2100 rpm. As the conditions require more power, power boost intervenes and increases performance up to 240PS at 1900 rpm. To keep everything cool, instead of stacking the engine, hydraulics, and air conditioners in a traditional configuration, Hesston uses a V-cool setup that enhances the surface and is equipped with an auto-reverse fan that automatically Radiators and screens, as the rower works. The system goes through a purge cycle every 15 minutes, which switches over to blow the chaff and smash the fins and screens.

The speed range of the working field for the WR9870 is 0 to 17.5 mph with a transport speed of 0 to 22 mph (Rearsteer models have a transport speed of 0 to 24.5 mph). The driving of the front wheels is a double planetary gear reduction system that uses tandem acid Danfoss H1 axial piston pumps. This high-speed drive system is quieter and offers a more precise force application with better performance on pistes and in harsh conditions. Combined with the Gliderider Hinterachsaufhängung and the automatic guided 3000 electric hydraulic hydraulic automatic, this technology means that the WR9870 can fully utilize space and transport speed.

Climb up the ladder, a task that is facilitated with an extra step, and onto the platform that has also been enlarged, and you will find a taxi door that clicks Open and closes with vehicle precision. Inside there is plenty of space with a flat bottom and most of the rower controls on the Hydro-grip or Fieldmax display. To protect against accidental blows, the key switch has been moved further around the steering column, which adapts to ease of use. The Hydro-Grip features six rocker switches, an auto-guide 3000 button, a central tea menu button, and two trigger shifter that are used to push up or down ground speeds. There are three preset functions and up to 16 functions that can be programmed in such a way that the operation-specific control can be carried out on the operator’s control handle.

The Fieldmax display uses six left and six right buttons to switch between various menus, such as title functions, steering system settings, data capture and troubleshooting. The integration of the Opticruise function provides more precise speed control, especially in difficult conditions. Moves up or down in range 1 or 2, and is set at 0.6 mph increments without the need to move the speed control arm. In region 3, the incremental impulse increases or decreases by two miles.

Another smooth feature of the Fieldmax display is the automatic torque control system which automatically adjusts the floor speed for maximum torque and optimum fuel efficiency depending on the engine load and the head drive pressure. The Hesston fuel economy gauge helps to maximize fuel consumption by specifying the best speed for operating conditions. For example, an area speed of 17.5 mph is possible, but the best fuel consumption can be 12.5 mph.

These high speeds would not be possible without a suspension system that can shield the operator from the joints and Jounzen. At the stern, the Gliderider Hinterachsaufhängung relies on two gas shocks and a central spring to transfer the load to the main frame. Radial tyres, 23.1-26 turf (R3) or 620/75r26 Bar (R1) help with traction, increase flotation and improve ride quality. The optional cabin suspension and the deluxe semi-active air spring seat reduce the jump, especially under conditions with rods and dips. We measured the sound values of 70-75 DBA at idle and 72-76 DBA at PTO speed, so that the fatigue of the operators is reduced to a minimum even after a long day in the field.

The WR9870 is perfectly tuned to the new model 5300 Dynaswath Draper Head, available in 20 ‘, 25 ‘, 30 ‘, 35 ‘ and 40 ‘ widths (19 ‘-9 ‘ to 39 ‘-9 “cutting width and medium or side delivery styles). Disc header (Razorbar) in 13 ‘ and 16 ‘ widths and sickle headers in 14 ‘, 16 ‘ and 18 ‘ widths are also available. One of the biggest enhancements of this series is the third connection and the single-point connection system with external triggering for faster, less overhead head connection.

Massey Ferguson Windrower Reviews, massey ferguson windrower for sale, massey ferguson windrower header, massey ferguson windrower parts, massey ferguson swather for sale, massey ferguson swather parts, massey ferguson swather 36,

Massey Ferguson Windrower Reviews

The 100 000. Rower, who went to Moo’s milk, did not have the Rearsteer option. When Justin Robinson inquired about it, he responded to their needs, it was not necessary, not to mention the saving of ~ $5k. Nevertheless, we were curious what the difference might be and after spending some time behind the wheel of a retrofitted WR9870, we have a slightly different opinion. The Rearsteer system controls fully active hydraulic cylinders to control the rear wheels rather than having them with Freirad as on a conventional rower. This not only allows for a higher transport speed, but also allows the towing of a draper head behind speeds of up to 20 mph.

Steering reaction and accuracy were finger tips controllable. After we had WR9870 the Rearsteer equipped for a while and the system had become more and more loved over time, we decided to disenchant the system. To do this, only the press of the upper right button required on the Fieldmax display. What a difference. Granted, this tester had only a limited time, but the backup became a real task when the Rearsteer system was disenchanted. The reintegration of the Rearsteer system also proved to be a challenge, as the system required a reasonable margin for the wheels to track where the system was again engaged. Our tip: Test drive a Hesston WR9800 with Rearsteer and compare the difference yourself.

They are most widely used in North American and Canadian applications, where the windrowing reduces curing time by cutting plant strains. In more southerly climatic zones, the cutting can usually be done with combinations. WR9800 the rower measure 199.7 “Long and drive on a 137 ” wheelbase. The height at the top of the cabin (with lawn tires) is 137.8 “. A WR9870 weighs 11,420 lbs.

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