Massey Ferguson Utility Tractor Reviews

Massey Ferguson Utility Tractor Reviews

Massey Ferguson Utility Tractor Reviews There are many great looking cars, trucks, bicycles and even women and men out there, but beauty is only hauttief and if there is no substance under the outer cover, they will all soon become dull and tiring to be. I wonder if the features and mechanisms of the new Massey Ferguson 4708 are as pleasing as its impressive, modern-looking appearance. All of the global series tractors are designed in France and the parts come from existing suppliers, but construction takes place in China. The appearance of the Massey has come a long way. The addition of four-wheel drive and a weight of 450 kg, which is set at the front, will certainly improve the traction of these early models.

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In addition to the cosmetic and drive advances, most of the other features were kept very simple and similar to those of previous tractors on the market. I assume that this helps to keep the price at a respectable level. The managing director of the Horsham-based farm equipment dealers Traction AG, Kym Grosser, says that the 4708 has just been released, so he hasn’t seen many of them yet. “The MF 4708 has the proven performance and reliability of a AGCO power engine and it’s a great looking tractor, ” says Grosser. “I think the recommended retail price of about $46,990 plus GST makes it exceptional value in its class. ” Powered by a 82ps (60.3 kw) 4-cylinder engine from AGCO power, it can be best described as a medium-sized tractor in these days.

Before I even lift the bonnet, I am delighted that I have a perfect access to the engine oil Dipstick and filling point, and I love the fact that its colored bright yellow, which doubles as a practical reminder to actually check the oil on a regular basis. In terms of maintenance, the transmission oil level is indicated by a sight glass on the back so that it can be visually monitored at any time. A dual filter air purifier sits in front and by draining three snap clips I can easily access the filters for cleaning. A 12-volt battery sits neatly under the air purifier in front of the radiator.

However, as far as the transfer is concerned, I am somewhat confused about the options available. All I’ve read shows that the 4708 has a new 12×12 synchro transmission, but since I’m sitting on the seat, I see two transfer levers, on my left side is the high and low range stick and on my right side is the gear selector with The numbers one to four are clearly printed on the top, suggesting that this is a 4-speed gearbox; According to my calculations, this is 8×8. It has a mechanical forward/backward shuttle lever that is mounted on the left side of the floor. To commute between forward and backward, I need to use the clutch, but it is a nice and smooth transition and the stick moves in both directions without a drama.

The same cannot be said for the 8-speed transmission. The transition from a high to the low range requires that the tractor is in a stationary position — which I expect — but I don’t expect the difficulty I experience with some of the gear selection. Changing gears is no trouble at all. Each change from one to four is simple and smooth, but on the way down it is a different story. I try every technique under the sun to maintain the gearstick in position, but all my attempts fail.

Tim Andrew, our Massey Ferguson rep for the day says, the newer models of the global series have a 12×12 synchro transmission that responds much better. The kind of work you are going to do will govern which gearbox you are driving, and I am sure there will be some sort of price difference. It becomes very clear that not much has changed when I sit on the driver’s seat. Most of the other tractors I drove in this category have built a flat rubber floor in their design, but Massey Ferguson has stuck with the traditional Stahldeck with the drive train standing between my feet. The 65-liter hydraulic system offers a range of remote controls and has a simple mechanical hand lever located next to the seat on my right side.

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Massey Ferguson Utility Tractor Reviews

Similar to the hydraulics, the three-point connection is operated by a very traditional type structure, a diahebel for lift and drops and another for the design. It has ball ends of category 2 and can raise to a maximum of 3 000 kg, which makes the performance obligations more demanding than I initially thought. The electric-hydraulically engaged 2-speed power-take-off, 540/540e, starts up smoothly with a simple push of a button. All relevant engine and function information is clearly displayed on a flash combination of measuring instruments and luminaires, which is the modern look of the 4708. The 4WD MF 4708, with a front loader, will make a large second tractor as a back-up to do loader tasks and tasks that do not require long hours that are exposed to the elements.

It is perfect as a primary tractor for hobbyists and small farmers because they usually have the luxury of choosing when they are doing work and are not forced to sit in the wet and cold or heat and dust needlessly. I can also see it in viticulture and in the orchards at home. When I speak with fencing entrepreneurs and also have experience in this area, I think it would be an ideal post-driver tractor. Fencing entrepreneurs come in and out again and again, so that a cabin can often be rather hindering than helpful. The hydraulic oil flow of 65-litres per minute will be sufficient to operate a postal driver, and the transfer point will serve as a place where the postman’s oil return landfill is attached.

It is also powerful enough to operate a hay and silage carrier, a combine or a bale holder. To provide a little protection, the optional sun roof could be a good investment. I think what I really like about this tractor is that it looks great, performs well and is extremely easy to use. I also recommend Massey Ferguson for investments in engine and performance improvements while maintaining a very basic, speculative design. I am sure that this will further reduce the cost to the consumer. Farmers across Australia will now be able to buy a world-class tractor at a price comparable to some of the cheaper brands on the market.

  • Make: AGCO Power
  • HP/KW: 82/60,3
  • Cylinders: 4
  • Tank: 82 litres
  • Areas: 2
  • Gears: 4
  • Type: Category 2
  • Lift capacity: 3, 000mm
  • L/min: 65
  • Auxilary: 2 Valves
  • Dimensions: 4, 175mm L x 1565-1, 925mm Road width
  • Weight: 3, 300kg

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