Massey Ferguson 265 Tractor Reviews

Massey Ferguson 265 Tractor Reviews

Massey Ferguson 265 Tractor Reviews Massey Ferguson 265 is one of the MF 200 series, which includes its older brother, Massey Ferguson 275 and younger brother, Massey Ferguson 255. Like other models of this series, 1975 Itibaren 1983 up to 8 years to enjoy a production work.

It takes its power Perkins AD 4,236, 4 cylinder diesel engine. It has a engine size of 3.9 liters and diesel burn at an average rate of 14.5 liters/hour (3.8 US gallons/hour). The engine uses a liquid cooling system that needs 10.4 liters of coolant to fully fill and make sure it works properly enough to prevent the engine cool and overheating. The oil must be topped with 7.6 liters before the engine is operated to make sure it is lubricated correctly. Total Perkins ad 4,236 produces 61 Hp.

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The engine is started with a 12 volt battery charged via the 37 amp alternator. When working with the machine production line, the MF 265 came with an open operator station and a roll bar (rops) or taxi option. Nowadays, each tractor is thankfully produced together with a roll rod as standard.

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The maximum capacity of the Massey Ferguson 265 fuel tank is 70 liters (18.5 US gallons). This means that in a full diesel tank, the average tractor will run continuously in less than 5 hours. The rear strap is a choice of either a Category 1 or Category 2, 3 point Hitch and has a maximum rear lifting capacity of 1859 kg (4100 lbs).

Massey Ferguson 265, most users are coming up with hydrostatic hydraulic steering that makes it very easy operation compared with the models from previous generations that gave constant feedback to cope with limited time, but can be after a few hours Boring. Massey Ferguson 265 can operate under maximum safe working weight (including ballast) 3719 kg (8200 lbs). Standard Version 2 variants are also available. These are line clipping and low profile models.

Massey Ferguson 265 Tractor Reviews

Manufacturer: Massey Ferguson
Original Price (USD): $22,500 (1983)