Massey Ferguson 255 Tractor Reviews

Massey Ferguson 255 Tractor Reviews

Massey Ferguson 255 Tractor Reviews¬†255 was available in three versions: standard, Line sowing and Low profile. Information on the turbocharged 255T is not available at this time. Uzel made in India and possibly Turkey. Are you ready to buy Massey Ferguson Tractor (MF) 255? You’re in a perfect place if you want to see all the details about the tractors. This article is about the 255 Massey Ferguson tractors at the top. Must be very useful to you.

This article gives all the information about Massey Ferguson 255 tractor. This tractor is very helpful for those who want to work hard and make money. We should provide all the details such as it mileage, lift capacity, strength, capacity of a fuel tank, Kubikkapazität and its horsepower.

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today, most of the profits will go to the Massey Ferguson dealers who employ and sell this tractor because this is the famous company and brand that is used in the worldwide globe.

The Massey Ferguson 255 tractor did not start until the 1984 year. In 1988, due to the expiration of the license agreement, the year was changed to the name of this model on Ursus 3512. To drive the tractor uses 4-cylinder Perkins Perkins ad 4,203 diesel with a cubic capacity of 203 cubic inches [3.3 l], generating power of 35.8 kw (48 PS). The torque of this motor is 165 NM at 1300 r/min.

The Tractor gear MF 255 is packed with 8 forward and two reverse gears. This transmission is very smooth and reliable. This is well suited for agricultural work and provides excellent performance on the FIELD.

Massey Ferguson 255 Tractor Reviews

The MF 255 tractor offers a high-performance hydraulic system. The load capacity is 1723kg. Its main features such as pressure is 2300psi, 0 to 2 valves, pump flow 10gpm, Steering Flow 5gpm. It is reliable and excellent for loading Work.

The Massey Ferguson 255 Tractor has a large fuel tank and this capacity is 70 liters. This is good for the long field work that you don’t have to fill up frequently.

The tractor MF 255 has strong tires. The front tyre size is 6.00-16 and the rear tyre size is 16.9-24. This provides better grip and traction on the field, so less slippage is on the field.

Manufacturer: Massey Ferguson
Original Price (USD): $8,100 (1981)