Massey Ferguson 1736 Tractor Reviews

Massey Ferguson 1736 Tractor Reviews

Massey Ferguson 1736 Tractor Reviews Massey Ferguson’s bloodlines date back more than 100 years, with the same brand running back to 1958. They have become recognized for the construction of sturdy tractors that can survive the rigors of agricultural work, but they are also easy to use. This has given Massey a great reputation both in the AG community, where they rely on the energy of a farm, as well as for part-time users of tractors.

In 1736, the red Massey is using a Mitsubishi K38 engine under the hood. This is 1.7 l diesel, 3 cylinders, 36,2 hp at 2500 RP and intercooled and turbocharged. With the use of electronic motor management, it works smoothly and efficiently. The engine complies with level 4 requirements for clean air emissions by using an automated diesel particulate filter.

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The motor needs to be powerful, to power the four-wheel drive tractor forward. The front axle is cast steel, with a central drive line. A differential lock is activated through a heel pedal to the right of the driver’s seat. The brakes, meanwhile, are internal wet disc brakes with individual control through independent foot pedals.

Massey recognizes that different applications may require different types of transmissions. That’s why two different types are available in the 1738, either mechanical transmission, or hydrostatic transmission. Mechanical transmission is a 12 × 12 power shuttle transmission, with a wet multi-disc clutch. It has four synchronized gears across three non-synchronized ranges. It is controlled through a pair of shift levers to the left of the seat. A power shuttle, which is to the left side of the steering wheel, allows the operator to switch from front to reverse with a shot-perfect for loader work.

The hydrostatic transmission of 3 ranges, on the other hand, allows simplicity and control, letting you go at infinite speeds through the foot pedal, and choosing the range through the lever in line to the left of the steering wheel. This transmission comes with Button cruise control, Auto Accelerator, and a stop guard function for ease of use.

Operator platform
The ergonomically sound operator platform features a flat cover with rubber mat for grip getting in out of the driver’s seat, as well as cushioning during use. The open-air platform features a ROPS with marker lights that protects in the event of a rollover, but can be folded for storage or where a smaller free space is needed.

The platform has left and right side steps, so the user can get in and out of each side. The suspended pedals and a suspended vinyl seat with armrests make driving constant even on rough terrain. The tilt steering wheel can be adjusted for comfort, and the front board is a mixture of analog and digital readings.

Massey Ferguson 1736 Tractor Reviews

The controls themselves are well labeled, and the color is encoded. Many of them are mounted on solid steel fenders, with 3-point hitch controls and loader joystick on the right side. The hand throttle and PTO controls are right next to the steering wheel, so you don’t have to take your hand too long.

PTOs and 3-point hitch
Every 1736 sports an independent rear PTO running at 540 RPM, which is more or less the industry standard. It is hooked electro-hydraulically, with the use of a twist knob on the front board. A wet clutch improves the PTO’s durability, but the most impressive feature of the PTO system is the modulation button that feathers start-up to avoid shock load damage.

An optional mid-PTO is perfect for driving power brooms, snow blowers, mid-cutters, and various other accessories that need to be fed. The operator can select the gear through the use of a hand lever, and use the rear PTO button to engage the PTO. The three-point hitch, with its mudguard-mounted controls, is rated at 2,535 lbs at 24 “.

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Massey 1736 CabDesign and measurements
The 1736 falls under the “compact utility ” designation, and certainly fits into the invoice. Its impressive list of features is compressed in a length of only 122 inches. The wheelbase is 69.7 inches, while the width is 64.2 inches, providing a stable base for the tractor to run on. The total weight with the ROPS is 3,362 lbs; With the cockpit, the base weight amounts to 3,803 pounds.

Booth available
All models of the Massey Ferguson 1736 come standard with an open platform, while the available cabin allows the tractor to be used year-round for people who want to blow snow or snow.It has two lockable doors, and opening side and rear windows. A 6-post ROPS protects in case of tipping. The front and rear working lights make dusk and night work easier, while the amber marker lights make the tractor more visible.

A taxi is not just about protection, it is also for comfort. The booth that is available on the 1736 comes with HVAC and a replaceable cabin air filter standard. To help visibility, there are mirrors on both sides, as well as front and rear windshield wipers. Finally, if the user wishes to hear melodies instead of the chugging engine, the cockpit is prewired for a stereo unit and comes with loudspeakers.