Massey Ferguson 1533 Tractor Reviews

Massey Ferguson 1533 Tractor Reviews

Massey Ferguson 1533 Tractor Reviews¬†Who runs along with his wife Jennifer Land Road cabs, uses this 33-horsepower MF1533 for a variety of jobs on the 89 acres, where 20 deluxe rental cabins are located near West Virginia’s famous New River Gorge.

In addition to the maintenance of the kilometre-long gravel roads of the estate, he Mogt fields and lawns, buried cable and water pipes, clarifies snow and pulls a tow-lift to work in the hard-to-reach areas on his cabins. “I put it behind the tractor and come to some places where you definitely need all-wheel drive and locking differences so we can get up.” And, he says, “Do it for sure “.

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In addition to stability and performance, the MF1533 also has a creeper transmission that allows Paul to do other tricky tasks. “I have this 25-foot rod [which is at the] front of the tractor that I lift chairs with and put structurally insulated panels that are 400 and 500 pounds. You have to go very slowly and be very careful with it, and there’s this creeper gear just fantastic for me. “

Paul is more than satisfied with the performance of the MF1533, as well as his dealer Nettles equipment in Duck, W. Va. “You are a great trader, always very helpful, ” he says.

Massey Ferguson 1533 Tractor Reviews

From tractor to service, owning a Massey Ferguson has surpassed his expectations, says Paul, especially “After owning another ‘ red brand ‘ that had 32 horsepower, but no real steel and guts under the hood. The Massey Ferguson is simply heavier and more solid, but it has a better fuel economy. It’s the best of both worlds.

“I don’t know how to make it, but they do it and it works. I wouldn’t swap this tractor for anything, “he says, pausing and adding,” except another Massey “.