Massey Ferguson 1528 Tractor Reviews

Massey Ferguson 1528 Tractor Reviews

Massey Ferguson 1528 Tractor Reviews¬†Looking for a compact tractor for snowflakes, especially, and other tasks on a small estate. I looked at Massey, Kubota and New Holland. I admit that I am biased towards MF, and I bought that—a 1528 hydrostatic.

The tractor was almost mint with only about 4 hours on the watch. It came with a 60 ‘ mid-mount Mower and is on lawn tires. The 1528 now has a Massey 1410 63 “Uprights and Curtis Cab. Still to be installed are a windshield wiper, a cab heater and a entfogging fan.

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It has more than 30 hours of snow now, and has mostly developed very well: After a blizzard I have got it (sometime) by a drift almost as big as the cabin. He chews in smaller quantities without working too hard. We had a record snow this spring. I can’t imagine living in rural North Dakota without a good snow thrower. Even without heat, the Curtis Cab has become comfortable, albeit noisy compared to a factory cabin, but I always wear ear protection.

The reliability was 100%, although it is of course still young. Downsides are few, but a bit annoying: my main beef is the lever-operated differential lock. It can be very uneasy to get involved and is uncomfortable to use. A pedal (like on 1528 ‘s gearbox) would be far superior; This is a strange design choice.

To get the PTO lever in and out of the aisle can be balky, as well as the front-assist lever, but both will run without too much coaxing. Unlike that, a big, hard tractor so far. I was worried that it would not be up to really strong snow, but so far so good.

Massey Ferguson 1528 Tractor Reviews

  • Rental: Massey Ferguson
  • Manufacturer: Iseki
  • Factory: Matsuyama, Japan
  • Engine (Large): 28.4 PS [21.2 KW] GEAR PTO (claimed): 24.5 ps [18.3 kw] Hydro PTO (claimed): 22.3 hp [16.6 kw]