2018 Massey Ferguson 4707

2018 Massey Ferguson 4707

2018 Massey Ferguson 4707 Among a myriad of tasks, the new 4707 series is designed for heavier and larger implements, project work and demanding applications. However, even with all that meat, these tractors are still incredibly fuel efficient. That is to a large extent due to the electronic engine management coupled with a high pressure common-rail fuel injection system (HPCR).

A high-pressure fuel pump and a single-pressure receptacle deliver fuel to each cylinder at more than 23,000 PSI. The individual overhead nozzles use the high pressure to atomize the fuel for optimized combustion. Meanwhile, the engine management system monitors every aspect of engine operation and adjusts the fuel flow, the timing of injection and other functions to deliver outstanding performance with very low fuel consumption.

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The new Massey Ferguson ® 4707 Series tractor is much more Rigorously tested AGCO tractor in its history. Engineers and farmers in series through their steps in about 36 hours evidence in brutal conditions often in remote locations, as like Zambia southern Brazil, Turkey, China and the heat of the Arizona Desert.

The unit is highly resistant to the new code 4707 Series. These Tractors are built more resilient to cope with the great work durability and comfort.

Features may include:
is simple. When all the key components of a tractor are built together, they best work together. A plan easily transmission cooperate offers speed transmission of multiple opportunities and a more comfortable, if you are handled through headlands or about the premises of close cooperation in the barn or yard.

3 cylinders 3.3 L AGCO PowerTM engine
at the heart of all this is a powerful and reliable with engine fuel efficient level 4. These engines 70-100 91 horses and are specifically configured to North America.

to a 7,125 lb best-in-class low weight, 4707 Series is purpose-built for more importance and more power capacity lodge Not to mention better maneuverability and more stability. The last thing you need is stability a tractor outgoing weak by many jobs. The 4707 Series is burdened by tractors in his class, designed only to face the greatest and serious and more demanding. So he will be there when you need it.

Tight Turning radius
ever should work in confined spaces. These tractors tight are Turning radius for facilitation of handling a greater.

2WD patyear comes with five path of the country in the 4-width inch steps to accommodate virtually all cropping or in natural conditions. An audit hydraulic certify differential 4WD before axles ensures that the entity is allocated to resolving the traction and greater stability.

Adjustable wheels
With a wide range of wheel-spacing adjustments, these tractors handle all of agricultural specialty applications, like low-scale crops and row vehicles, highway mowing and land management appliances.

An easy-to-operate transmission provides multiple speed options and a more comfortable ride, whether you are maneuvering through headlands or around narrow spaces in the barn or patio.

Ease of Use
The 4707 series is easy to use and comfortable to operate. From the ground up, these tractors are designed for elegant, ergonomic, long-lasting operation. Because even though the job is hard, your tractor should never be hard for you.

Adjustable seat
A spring tension control knob adjusts the seat to comfortably accommodate operators of all sizes.

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2018 Massey Ferguson 4707

Easy access Controls
The essential controls are ergonomically positioned for easy operation and comfort.

3-point Control fender-mounted
The Deluxe hitch raise or drop controls are incorporated into the rear fender, making hitching and disconnecting the 3-point implements quick and easy.

  • Manufacturer: Massey Ferguson (part of AGCO)
  • Factory: China
  • Original Price (USD)
  • $36,056 (2018 ROPS 2WD)
  • $50,796 (2018 Cab 4WD)